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In order to explain what the Rsyslog is, we must first know what a log is. We call log the sequential recording of all the actions that affect a computer system or an application and are collected in a database. The sequential recording of these actions is recorded in a record or log file chronologically.

Therefore, Rsyslog is an application that is responsible for implementing a basic syslog protocol for capturing, processing and recording messages.


Why does Wispcontrol implement Rsyslog?

Carrying out good log management is essential both at the systems level and for setting and meeting objectives.

The main objective of the Rsyslog implementation is to improve the management and control of all information on the network. It allows the detection of network drops, anticipating possible future problems and preventing information leaks, that is, inappropriate behaviors that cause errors in the network.

Furthermore, Wispcontrol allows the configuration of custom log alerts. Thus, in the event of a system crash or failure, you will be able to know what is happening on your network immediately, being able to obtain information about potential threats.