We offer SIP Trunking services with the highest possible voice channel quality to wholesalers
and we have data centres with Tier-3 and Tier-4 rating to ensure this service.

We offer the best quality at the best prices

Our SIP Trunking is compatible with any IP PBX and we are more than happy to help with set-up and choosing the equipment that is best suited to your needs.

Billing per second

Transfer of number ranges

Numerical portability

Customer line management

Billing statements

Administration of calling plans

Service Features

  • Higher voice channel quality
  • Greater number of channels available, we can provide the quantity of voice channels that you need without any additional cost
  • New numbering or portals: we can supply out of area (DDI) for any Spanish province, 902 high quality direct routes, direct interconnections and caller ID
  • Double authentication security username / password and also fixed public IP address (providing it is there)
  • Monitoring and control quality parameters for clientÕs calls and connectivity
  • Redundant systems
  • Lower latency
  • No registration fee
  • No cancellation fee or penalty
  • No forced long-term contracts
  • Compatible with a wide variety of HW

Virtual switchboards for businesses

It includes all the traditional telephone services, while ensuring the same levels of quality as the existing switchboards.

Thanks to its adaptability, we can show a great deal of flexibility when providing services, creating virtual call centres adapted to the needs of each client.

  • Portability of existing numbers
  • Working as a group
  • Comprehensive web-based environment
  • Voicemail with a possible link to email
  • 100% compatible with existing systems
  • Detailed statistics for any incidents that may occur
  • Increase in the number of simultaneous calls a client can have, without any extra equipment
  • Access from anywhere in the world via the Web or App
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SIP trunking can offer significant savings for your company!

If you already have the IP-PBX system in your office, get more out of the service by using
SIP Trunking WISPcontrol, allowing you to make any local or long distance call.

Our SIP Trunking supports most IP PBXs, including: