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    IP Transit
    Wholesale Internet Access Service
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    IP Transit services via radio
    with guaranteed broadband
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    Everything is an advantage
    if you have fibre optic

Our Fibre Optic IP Transit services

Our Internet Transit Service offers direct connectivity to the Internet via our Backbone, covering more than 20,000 km nationwide.

Our service is designed to provide operators and ISPs access to technological advanced features-guaranteeing you the best service, and provision adapted to each client’s needs.

We are different because:

We offer tailored solutions for our customers.
Broadband adapted to the needs of each client.
We ensure traffic has assigned priorities.
Traffic statistics and use of the Internet in real time.
100% service is guaranteed.
Power, security and flexibility.
High national coverage.
Backup solutions.
VPN services.
‘Last mile’ connection service through Carrier Class radio links.