We constantly monitor any type of incident, maintaining
continuously updated management and incident information with online customer notification.

If any incident occurs, our department gathers the technical staff together to provide a solution in the quickest time possible.

Diagnosis Report

If problems occur, we recommend that you send us a specific diagnostic report for each case in order to be able to best access all the necessary details.


We keep all of our customers and partners informed and up to date on any available upgrades that can be found on our website.

To obtain a license or software update, please contact your account manager.

Looking for a manual?

On our website, you can access your account where you will find all available manuals. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Incident management

Receiving incident reports

Creation of incident numbers for each one reported

Closure of numbered reports

Incident status report

Network monitoring

lient support for any anomalies that are detected

Test requests

IP routing updates

Updating of filters after network attacks

Configuration modification of network equipment

Follow-up of breakdown reports one week after the closure of the incident