The perfect solution when it comes to being able to provide IP telephony services, MOR is a class 4/5 soft switch with billing and routing based on Asterisk that allows VoIP resellers to offer different Internet telephony services.

MOR accepts connections from any SIP device available on the market: PC softphones, ATAs, SIP phones and VoIP PBX applications, both privately owned and commercial.

The system meets the following business models:

Wholesale telephony (connection to other gateways)

Retail and residential telephony (connection to devices)

Prepaid and post-paid

Calling cards


MOR’s flexibility allows you to offer a high quality voice service in order to efficiently manage different services and develop your business.

MOR Pricing Features

The features available concerning charging, are made up of a set of useful tools in order to simplify tariff management, prefixes and currencies.

These are some of the working tools included in MOR:

A flexible rates import tool which works directly with the supplier’s price list with minimum adjustment needed

Customization of price scales

Pricing for prepaid and post-paid with paid balance control in real time and the quick re-pricing possibilities

Simultaneous call pricing for the same user

Unlimited devices for the same user

MOR uses

MOR uses for a sales department

Supplier calls

Supplier statistics

Customer calls

Payment statistics

Loss-making calls

Price margin statistics


Integration with payment platforms

Manual payments

MOR uses in the technical department

Detailed statistical reports which show important low level technical information, such as release causes or system connection logs

Panel monitoring of real-time traffic

Routing control with the ability to set new destinations

Other features

Routing in real time based on the lowest cost or priority

Profit protection on calls

Integrated transcoding

Generation of invoices

Distributed architecture which ensures system reliability and provides carrier level scalability

Reports based on statistics generated in real-time

Conversion of SIP <-> H.323

Advanced debugging

Mapping of release codes

Flexible number translation in various stages of routing


The routing engine is designed with the idea of ensuring the greatest possible benefit from each call.

The most important routing characteristics of MOR:

Updating real-time balancing in order to optimize the use of your routes

Cost-based, priority and % routing

Protection against negative cost margins (by both expensive supplier routing and errors in the loading of rates)

Manually defined static routing, according to the customer, supplier, destination, etc.

Emergency provision in the case of saturation of other providers

MOR Extensions

MOR extensions allow the system to adapt to your business model.

The following extensions are available:




Calling cards

Number portability for mobiles


Payment gateway

Price tariffs of suppliers



Reseller PRO


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